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Our Vision

At NewLife our mission is to provide a place of WORSHIP, and to make DISCIPLES for Christ, that we may EVANGELIZE our world.

Our prayer is for God to help us give our TIME, TALENTS and RESOURCES to see this accomplished.


Bill Campbell


Ben Campbell


Jack Duke


Coy Duty


Tommy Fregia

Board Members

Leadership Team


Robert & Tracie


Lauren & Chris 


Senior Pastors


Pastors Bill and Teresa Campbell are ordained ministers with the Assemblies of God. They teach and preach that the gifts are for every believer. They believe that signs and wonders should be part of the everyday believers life. Committed to the training and developing leaders and ministers in the supernatural power of God. They are always looking for ministry from music to street ministry that goes outside the traditional church walls.
Bill and Teresa's hearts are to transform lives, setting free those whose lives are bound. With a vision to see children fall in love with Jesus, youth full of power to change their world, married couples raising families in unity, singles finding their place in service and Elders using their lives as examples of Gods grace. They believe everyone has gifts and a purpose from God for their lives.

- Bill and Teresa Campbell

Worship Pastors


Pastors Robert and Tracie Williams are our Worship Pastors. They bring fresh contemporary worship with honor to where we have come from through worship. A dynamic team to bring in the worship of the house.
Robert is a dynamic pastor who preaches with a solid truth. Both Robert and Tracie's heart is to see lives changed and the body of Christ inified in love.
Robert and Tracie are building a worship team here at NLC. 

- Robert and Tracie Williams

Youth Pastors


Lauren and Chris Williams are the youth pastors here at New Life Church. We invite ages 13-18 to join us every Wednesday night at 7 pm. If you would like to join us and don't have a ride, call us at 936-262-8117, and we can make arrangements. We want to see all the kids grow and be on fire for God.


- Fresh Start Youth 

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