Leigh Ballinger is the son of the Musician, Composer and Worship Leader, Bruce Ballinger ("We have come into this house”). Leigh and his wife Marti are a 5 fold evangelist team that are called to preach, teach and impart keys of the Kingdom of God. Bringing repentance to the heart of men and women around the world. With a powerful word to challenge you to live as Christ while flowing in the Holy Spirit.

Signs, wonders,miracles and Prophetic words are a part of their powerful ministry that touch young and the old. 

The simplicity of LOVE and GRACE drives this ministry all over Texas, Canada and Australia. 

"OUT OF THE BOX" is what Leigh has been called in his style of ministry. "It's about a relationship with the FATHER ...THAT'S WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT! Doesn't matter what you look like, where you have been, or what you have done...HIS LOVE NEVER FAILS! I'm driven to release what's in me because of who's in me... it's not the Leigh Ballinger show, it's all about Jesus... How can we not walk in the supernatural? I'd rather be Supernatural than SUPERFICIAL..”


    Leigh has a powerful ministry that touches the everyday person, from walking in the shops to praying for the server at the restaurant. His heart is to see the church mature in such a way that they move and live in love that was given to us.


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